Vacant Property Inspection

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Vacant Property Inspection

Vacant Property Security

At Apardion, we understand the importance of ensuring the security of all of your premises. Vacant premises can be more vulnerable to theft, destruction and fire damage if they are left uninspected. Apardion can provide experienced security guards to prevent damage from occurring.

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Tailored Vacant Security Solutions

Our experienced and qualified security officers can provide a number of security measures to protect your vacant commercial premises. These include mobile patrol, alarm response and CCTV services.

We can provide varied, tailored solutions to best suit your vacant property. We can also monitor the fire alarms of your vacant premises to ensure any fires can be put out immediately, protecting your investment as well as the public around the premises.

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Protect your vacant properties

Should you require any of our vacant property security solutions for your empty properties, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We can monitor, protect and secure business properties from a range of sectors throughout Aberdeen.


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