What is a vacant property and why does it need inspecting?

There are many reasons why a property may become vacant, but still require monitoring and inspecting; there is an extended shutdown over a holiday period, the business has temporarily ceased trading, the property is awaiting sale or a new tenant, or the building has just completed construction and is awaiting occupation.

Whatever the reason, the building is still a valuable asset and in most cases needs to be maintained in a suitable condition ready for sale or occupation. Vacant premises can be more vulnerable to theft, vandalism, trespass and fire damage if they are not inspected, while vacant property inspections are often essential for some buildings as part of compliance for insurance.

Our vacant property inspections

At Apardion we can supply a range of options for monitoring your vacant property and we can combine both manned security measures and technology, including:

Vacant property security can protect your vacant site and any other assets therein, giving landlords and business owners peace of mind, while it can also reduce insurance costs.

  • Our patrol guards operate marked vehicles and wear highly visible uniforms to deter potential intruders
  • Our security staff are SIA-licenced and trained in reacting to emergency situations
  • We can carry out health and safety inspections and take utility readings
  • We can patrol and inspect your vacant property at a frequency and agreed intervals to suit you
  • We provide real-time reports for any security or health and safety incident

Contact Apardion for high quality vacant property inspections

At Apardion we have vast experience of inspecting and monitoring vacant properties across many different industry sectors, so we are able to react to different challenges and always maintain the same reliable standards.

We understand the value of maintaining your vacant property and the implications of falling below the expected standards for compliance and security, so contact Apardion today for the leading vacant property inspection service in Scotland.

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