Whatever the reason, Apardion can react to your needs quickly with a professional Waking Watch service, so contact our team today.

Why do I need a Waking Watch service?

Every commercial business needs robust fire safety procedures, but there are occasions when we have to deviate from normal operations and add an extra layer of protection. In terms of fire safety this could be circumstances where:

  • Your fire alarm system has malfunctioned and is awaiting repair
  • There is no water available to service the water sprinklers (due to construction, renovation or repairs)
  • There is a higher risk of fire temporarily due to hot work taking place or hazardous/flammable materials being stored on site
  • There is an important event taking place the next day and you wish to add an extra layer of protection overnight

In these circumstances a Waking Watch service will make manual patrols of your site at agreed intervals to ensure that there are no fire hazards or there is no additional risk of fire, and that all controls that are in place are managing the risk of fire as normal. Apardion can supply your business with trained and qualified personnel to carry out a Waking Watch service on your property and buildings as and when you need them.

Why choose Apardion for your Waking Watch service?

A Waking Watch service is suitable for any commercial business, but is particularly popular in apartment buildings and residential properties, as well as commercial properties and vacant properties, so if you are a residential or commercial property landlord, then you may need a Waking Watch service from Apardion.

  • Trained, qualified and experienced fire safety professionals
  • Fast and responsive personnel available all over the Scotland region
  • Flexible service available on a temporary basis
  • Trained to spot fire hazards, initiate evacuation procedures and alert emergency services in the event of a fire
  • Can work in tandem with your other security services from Apardion

Contact Apardion today – the leading security services provider in Scotland – and we can supply you with the best Waking Watch service available.

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