When do you need temporary site services?

Managing a commercial business or a facility is a constant challenge, because things change and evolve every day. This is particularly true on construction sites or where renovations are taking place, but it also applies to commercial businesses which relocate to new sites on a regular basis, such as for events. And this even applies to regular commercial buildings where operations change and incidents occur which require a temporary change in management.

At Apardion, our temporary site services are designed to reflect these changes and support you in managing change in an effective and cost-efficient way, while always maintaining the high standards you expect. Our temporary site services include:


Temporary sites can be vulnerable to intrusion and theft, as many temporary sites lack adequate security procedures. Apardion can carry out a risk assessment of your site and provide robust security solutions such as mobile patrols and reliable CCTV security. Our CCTV towers are solar-powered, meaning they can be installed quickly and at any temporary site without a power supply.

Waking Watch

On a temporary site you may not have a suitable fire alarm system operational, or you may need additional fire safety precautions. Our waking watch services provide a trained and accredited 24/7 fire safety patrol to monitor for fire hazards and to react to fire incidents if and when they occur.

Solar-Powered Security Cabins & Construction

At temporary sites such as events and construction sites, a lack of power and electricity can make it difficult to provide adequate facilities and security measures. Apardion can provide and construct temporary security cabins for welfare and accommodation. These are quick and easy to install and are solar-powered to be sustainable and convenient.

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