Our mobile patrols provide a robust security solution which can be flexible to suit your unique circumstances, so get in touch today.

The benefits of mobile patrols

We can supply fully licenced, trained and accredited security professionals to carry out mobile patrols of your premises:

  • Cost-effective alternative to full CCTV installation
  • Ensures full site coverage to complement CCTV and make up for CCTV blind spots
  • Can patrol your entire site perimeter and act as a high profile deterrent against theft, trespass and nuisance
  • Can report in real-time to remote monitoring stations and we notify a pre-determined contact as necessary
  • Patrols at regular intervals, timed to be random to prevent predictability
  • Can be reactive to security alerts and contact emergency services as required

Why should you partner with Apardion for your mobile patrols?

As the leading security services provider in Scotland Apardion has built up a reputation for trust and reliability. We have vast experience of working in many different industry sectors, and hence are able to work with you to identify security strengths and weaknesses. Through this we can design an effective mobile patrols package that addresses your security needs.

  • Flexible solutions tailored to your site needs
  • Fast and reactive solutions to scale up or scale down mobile patrols quickly
  • Trained and qualified security professionals stationed across Scotland are available to meet your needs
  • Can work in tandem with other security solutions such as manned guards, key-holding services, alarm response, CCTV monitoring, access control, building open/close services, vacant property inspections, health, safety & environmental checks.

Contact Apardion today for effective and reliable mobile patrols

Mobile patrols provide the extra layer of security you need to comprehensively safeguard your business. With mobile patrols you have the added ability to react to security alerts wherever they occur and combine with existing security programmes to provide a robust security solution.

Contact Apardion today – the leading mobile patrols provider in Scotland – and we can supply you with trained and qualified security professionals on a cost-effective basis.

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