3 Reasons To Choose Apardion For Your Total Facilities Management

Choosing a partner for your facilities management needs can feel like a minefield when you consider the wide range of disciplines involved in it. Facilities management is a critical element of running a commercial business because it involves so many different functions, and so it is really important that you make the right decision, because it can affect your costs, the efficiency of your operations and your compliance levels.

Some organisations choose to split these responsibilities between a number of different contractors and service providers, but this can be difficult to manage and may mean you receive inconsistent service levels. It can also be more costly to arrange a number of different contracts rather than streamlining all these services to one contractor. Which is why we recommend partnering with one organisation for your total facilities management and here are three reasons why we think you should partner with Apardion.

  1. Experience

Apardion have been operating as a facilities management and security services provider since 1998. That’s 25 years. We started out just operating across Scotland but now have offices and resources all across the UK. Our experience is not just in terms of time, however. We have also operated in a number of different industrial and commercial sectors, such as CPNI sites, construction and infrastructure, corporate, education, retail, public sector and warehouse & distribution. This has given us a wider appreciation of client needs and standards, and means there are very few challenges we haven’t faced. Also, this experience has allowed us to develop robust processes and procedures which are adaptable to different scenarios and disciplines. So you can be assured of consistently high levels of service whichever sector you operate in.

  1. Bespoke services

While the term ‘total facilities management’ incorporates services such as commercial cleaning, grounds maintenance, reception and front-of-house services, security and health & safety services, we understand that every organisation is different and has different needs. This is in terms of the size and operations but also in terms of budget. So we can adapt our package to meet your requirements. You may not have extensive outside grounds, for example, or you may not have a front-of-house area that requires managing. And you may have operations that change seasonally or at frequent intervals, so your personnel required on site needs to be scaled up or down regularly, that is no problem. Our standards and processes are totally adaptable and you will always receive exactly the levels of service you expect and demand, we don’t offer a standard, off-the-shelf package, every contract is unique and is the result of two-way discussions tailored to what you want.

  1. Reactive resources

Our UK-wide coverage means we have personnel resources stationed in a location near you and ready to react when they are needed. We are contactable on a 24/7 basis, including management contacts, so we can react to emergency situations but can also supply and withdraw resources as and when required. This means we can act as a trusted and reliable partner and provide the support and peace of mind you need at all times.

Contact Apardion to discuss your total facilities management package

Our specialist knowledge of facilities management can become a huge benefit to your business. Our services are accredited and approved by a number of industry bodies, such as SIA, Alcumus, QBE, ConstructionLine and ISO9001. This enables us to deliver high quality services on a consistent basis and means you have the assurance that your facilities are receiving specialist management, while you concentrate on the core functions of your business, so contact our experts at Apardion today and we can start the process of delivering bespoke facilities management services to your commercial business.

3 Reasons To Choose Apardion For Your Total Facilities Management
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