3 Tips For Choosing A Commercial Office Cleaning Provider In Aberdeen

Commercial office cleaning is an important element of a facilities manager’s responsibilities. It may be viewed as a peripheral activity, but it has a huge bearing on how the business operates and how it is viewed in the marketplace. Depending on the nature of your commercial business in Aberdeen, the organisation could be on show to the public 24/7 or frequently to important visitors. But even if it isn’t, high standards of cleanliness and hygiene tend to rub off on employees, and hence, if the working environment is clean, tidy and efficient, then the work carried out there will be also.

But finding a professional commercial office cleaning provider in Aberdeen isn’t easy, and it can be time-consuming and wasteful if you make a poor decision which has to be reversed, so how do you find a good commercial office cleaner? Here are some useful tips.

  1. Establish what you need

This might sound obvious, but fundamentally you want a cleaning provider who is a good fit for what you need, and not all cleaning businesses will be able to provide what you need. Most commercial businesses have cleaning requirements which can be divided into scheduled tasks for every day, every week and every month. But depending on your operations you may have specialist needs where very specific materials are used or operations take place in an adjoining warehouse. Is the cleaning company qualified and experienced in dealing with these? You may need specialist cleaning such as fogging, carpet cleaning, high-level window cleaning or a periodic deep clean in shutdown periods; are they able to provide that?

Another important quality is that of flexibility. You may have 24/7 operations or have frequently changing work patterns and so you may need the cleaning company to be flexible in working around your operations, and sometimes working after-hours. Most cleaning companies understand the importance of your business running efficiently, so they are skilled in being flexible and adaptable, but this is something you need to establish and agree on. And being flexible also means falling into line with YOUR health and safety procedures and practices, such as wearing PPE, fire drills and other emergency procedures.

  1. Are they reliable?

Just like recruiting employees, reliability is one of the most important basic needs in a commercial office cleaning provider, but also one of the most difficult to identify. However, there are a number of ways you can research and read-up on the cleaning company to establish independent verdicts on their reliability, rather than simply asking them outright if they are reliable, and then finding out a few weeks later that they are not.

A good cleaning company should be able to provide customer references, and they should have useful information on their website with reviews and testimonials. This might also tell you how long they have been operating and who some of their clients are. This will help you build a picture of how successful and reliable they have been. You may also be able to find Google reviews left by past customers, and these are usually very useful as people tend not to hold back their true feelings. This is also the case on social media, so maybe do a quick search on various platforms to see what people are saying about them; it could be good or bad, but either way you will know before committing to anything.

  1. What standards do they employ?

Ultimately you want the standards of a commercial office cleaning provider to match your own. You want the relationship to be long and successful, so if they match your standards then that should be a good start. And you can establish this by asking them a few basic questions such as;

  • What are your training procedures?
  • Do you hold any industry accreditations?
  • How many employees do you have?
  • Do you have proper health, safety and environmental policies?
  • Do you have proper insurance, including liability insurance?
  • Do you have proper working procedures for all your cleaning processes?
  • Do you have management systems whereby work is regularly monitored and checked?

When you are paying a contractor for a professional service you ideally want as little involvement as possible, so most professional office cleaning companies will provide a dedicated manager as a point of contact. This is who you will liaise with on a day-to-day basis but the idea is that you don’t need to, and they effectively run the operation on your behalf. So this is a big part of the ‘standards’ we are talking about and which ultimately makes your life easier.

Professional commercial office cleaning in Aberdeen

Of course, cost is another major consideration, but if you contact Apardion we can talk to you about designing a commercial office cleaning programme for your business in Aberdeen and agreeing a price that is value-for-money and commercially competitive. We can do this via a free quote with no obligation, so contact Apardion for your commercial office cleaning today.

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