Window Cleaning


Window Cleaning

Commercial Window cleaning

We provide commercial window cleaning for business’ in a number of sectors across Aberdeen. 

Cleaning windows can make a big difference to the presentation of your commercial property. 

However, it can be a difficult procedure due to the height and design of buildings. This is why Apardion can provide efficient, commercial window cleaning for you.

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Industrial window cleaners

We have been operating throughout Aberdeen for a number of years now. We can offer a quick, flexible service and response time. Our Helpdesk is able to take your request and communicate this to our experienced window cleaners to ensure a quick operation for cleaning your windows.

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Fully trained window cleaners

Window cleaning can potentially be a hazardous job due to the height of modern buildings. However, our staff are all fully trained and accredited when it comes to health and safety. This includes working at height, manoeuvring equipment and also cleaning equipment. We ensure the safety of our staff, your employees and anybody visiting your commercial premises.


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