Why You Need Mobile Patrol Building Checks In Scotland

While security is a high priority issue for any facilities management professional, there are many different aspects to it and many options to consider. All commercial premises are unique and every location presents different challenges, so the security services you opt for need to address the specific risks inherent in your business.

Security solutions can be manned or automatic, using IT systems such as CCTV. Or they can be static or mobile. And of course you can also have a mix of solutions which address all your different circumstances. CCTV is hailed as the perfect security solution because it is always working and can be left unmanned, but it is also true that certain situations call for mobile solutions.

The benefits of mobile patrol security

Of course with CCTV you will have some blind spots, because not every area can be covered, so you have more visibility with a mobile patrol, but also there may be risks at your location which mean you need a method of response. In other words, when a security issue is identified it requires immediate action, which you wouldn’t get with a CCTV system even if someone is remotely monitoring it.

At Apardion we have resources stationed around various locations in Scotland so that they can carry out mobile patrols and respond to incidents quickly. This adds another layer of security which offers great peace of mind, and hence mobile patrols are becoming increasingly popular. There are many different elements to mobile patrols, which include:

  • Whole site patrols or sensitive area patrols, or a mixture of both
  • Frequent, hourly patrols or once per night
  • Infrequent patrols at different times each day to combat people watching the site
  • Alarm response
  • Emergency response
  • Lock-up and access control, so nobody has to worry about who is last out of a building, Apardion will always lock-up. This is helpful when arrangements and shift patterns frequently change. This service can also include site surveys for closed fire exits and storage doors being locked etc
  • Overnight checks

Why partner with Apardion for your mobile patrol building checks in Scotland

With our mobile patrol building checks we will carry out a risk assessment of your site and work with you to establish a security solution tailored exactly to your needs. This will address the key issues relevant to your site. We can also offer:

  • 24/7/365 responsive personnel
  • Trained, qualified and SIA-licenced security professionals
  • We can respond to incidents with real-time incident reporting technology
  • Happy to assume responsibility for access control
  • High visibility or discreet security depending on your wishes

It is important that your site is protected from theft, trespass and vandalism, first and foremost to protect your people, but also to safeguard buildings, materials and equipment. Damage to these can be very costly, but also you can experience damage to your company’s reputation, which can be even more costly, and in some cases irreversible.

Contact Apardion for high quality and professional mobile security patrols

At Apardion our objective is to respond to your needs, and this is never better demonstrated than with the mobile patrol building checks we can offer. There are a number of elements to this which can be stitched together to form a robust security package. We can easily deploy suitable personnel to address your needs at short notice and we can adapt our procedures to work in tandem with changing circumstances.

Most of all, we can rise to the challenges of using mobile security to monitor every at-risk element of your operations, so call Apardion today and we can deliver a first class mobile security package for you.

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