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Apardion’s temporary site services include Waking Watch, Security, CCTV installation, as well as cabin construction and accommodation for security and workers. Our temporary site services are commonly utilised for construction sites and events.

Temporary sites can be vulnerable to intrusion and theft, as many temporary sites lack adequate security procedures. Apardion can carry out a risk assessment of your site and provide security measures and fire watch services.

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Waking Watch

Our Waking Watch service for temporary sites involves experienced watchmen and fire wardens surveying your property 24/7. We take a proactive approach to ensure the fire safety of your investment.

Our temporary waking watch service is ideal for temporary areas such as events and construction sites, as well as permanent properties experiencing difficulties with fire alarms and water sprinkler systems.

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Temporary security services

Our temporary site services include several security services. We can provide robust and reliable CCTV security for your temporary site. Our CCTV towers are solar-powered, meaning they can be installed quickly and at any temporary site without a power supply.

Solar-powered CCTV towers work as a visual deterrent to intruders. Other features of these cameras include:

  • 24/7 real-time monitoring
  • HD picture
  • Facial recognition

Our CCTV cameras are also vandalism resistant. The wireless system features armoured protection to improve durability and prevent destruction by intruders. Security officers can also patrol your temporary site, responding to any security issues detected. Should intruders be detected on-site, our CCTV security can give audible warnings and send a beam of light at the perpetrator.


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Solar-powered security cabins & construction

At temporary sites such as events and construction sites, a lack of power and electricity can make it difficult to provide adequate facilities and security measures. Apardion can provide and construct temporary security cabins at your temporary site.

Our cabins can provide your employees and security with a facility onsite where they can work, rest or monitor the security of your site. We can quickly and efficiently deploy and construct these cabins.

As the cabins we supply are solar-powered, they can charge and power themselves. This makes for quick and easy installation, as well as being convenient for temporary sites without any power supply.

Temporary solar pods can also be supplied to provide further power for any cabins and staff on site. This sustainable energy source contains enough power for several cabins on site.

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