Temporary Events & Construction Sites

Temporary Sites

Temporary Events & Construction Sites

Temporary Security Solutions

At Apardion, we can provide security solutions for temporary sites, such as construction sites and events. Some of our temporary security measures include Solar Powered Temporary Cabins, Cabin Construction as well as Accommodation & Security.

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Temporary Security Measures

Ensuring the safety of the occupants of your event or construction is essential. It is also important to protect your investment from vandals or theft. Our security officers routinely patrol your event or construction site. Our officers are permanently on-site and are trained to react quickly and professionally should a security issue arise.

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Customer focussed security staff

Our security officers are also well-versed in client relationships. This customer-focused approach enables them to help visitors to your site feel welcome and secure. We can tailor our security approach to your sites specific requirements. Our services can work in conjunction with our CCTV monitoring also.


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