Solar Powered CCTV Towers

Temporary Sites

Solar Powered CCTV Towers

Effective CCTV technology

At Apardion, we can install Solar Powered CCTV Towers at your temporary premises. These CCTV are popular for construction sites, assets, events and warehouses. If you have a temporary site which requires CCTV security and monitoring, our Solar Powered Cameras provide an ideal solution for you.

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Visual Deterrent

The mere appearance of our Solar Powered CCTV cameras works as a visual deterrent to intruders. However, if intruders or vandals attempt to enter your temporary site, our CCTV cameras are monitored in real-time by our security officers. Our cameras also feature HD picture and facial recognition.

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CCTV Monitoring for Temporary Sites

Our Solar Powered CCTV Cameras can give you complete peace of mind that your temporary site is safe and secure. Our experienced security officers can work in conjunction with the CCTV cameras, routinely patrolling the external areas of the site to deter intruders.


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