Multiple Occupancy Buildings

Waking Watch

Multiple Occupancy Buildings

Fire Safety Services

Fire safety is essential for any building, especially residential. 

Not only is it the law for buildings to have regular fire safety checks and be correctly drilled in the unfortunate event of a fire, however it is important for residents to feel safe and secure in their home.

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Residential Waking watch

If you have a number of residential properties which require fire watch, Apardion has the solution for you. 

We effectively monitor a number of commercial and residential properties across Aberdeen. Our experience and expertise allow us to assess and monitor the internal and external areas of your premises.

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Alert & Vigilant Fire Watch

Our fire watch for residential properties includes fire wardens, watchmen and fire marshals. We monitor all of your occupancy buildings individually, 24/7. We believe the most effective approach to fire safety is being proactive.

In the event of a fire hazard, we can safely evacuate your buildings and alert the relevant authorities. Our 24/7 helpline is available for you and your residents should they require assistance or need to contact one of our staff.


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