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If you need effective and reliable facilities management services in Inverness, then contact Apardion. We can work with you to implement flexible security and building services to ensure your operations are safeguarded and streamlined, so get in touch today.

Our facilities management services in Inverness

We are a Scotland-based organisation with UK-wide coverage. We can supply local resources for rapid response to your facilities management needs. This can be temporary site services or permanent, long-term contracts. We can also provide 24/7 coverage or flexible coverage to suit your requirements. Whatever you need and wherever you are located, we can provide the facilities management expertise that your circumstances demand.

Building Services Solutions

Our widespread industry experience means we can work with you and quickly understand how your business operates. This enables us to design robust and practical solutions in areas where you need building services. All our solutions are based on workplace efficiency and practical effectiveness, meaning you can work with us to reduce your bottom line expenses and improve your productivity.

With years of experience across all industry sectors, we have been able to implement building security solutions dedicated to your needs. These include:

This range of building services solutions is designed to help you with legal compliance, as well as providing your employees and visitors with a comfortable and professional environment. So contact Apardion today and we can start to implement a range of effective solutions to manage your buildings and associated operations.

Security services in Inverness

Whether you have multiple buildings, vacant buildings, large or small buildings, you face the same security threats in terms of theft, vandalism and nuisance. This risk can be increased if you are a high profile business, regularly have high profile events or visitors, or reside in a vulnerable location. You therefore need robust, effective and reliable security solutions from a professional partner you can trust. So contact Apardion today for your security services in Inverness.

Our dedicated service to you begins with a comprehensive risk assessment. This will identify what risks exist on your site and what control measures are currently in place. We can then design a range of security solutions dedicated to your specific needs. These can include:

Using the latest technology and skilled and knowledgeable expertise, we are able to provide the assurance and peace of mind that you need. Our security solutions are flexible and can be adapted to meet your needs on a cost-effective basis.

Working with business partners in Inverness

Our specialist facilities management services in Scotland mean we are experienced in successfully implementing our systems in a variety of organisations in different industry sectors. Inverness is the biggest city in the Scottish Highlands, and as a remote location has unique needs which demand dedicated management. Inverness is a historically important city where traditional industries have slowly been replaced by hi-tech design and manufacturing industries. And with thriving retail and education sectors also, Apardion have been challenged to deliver a variety of solutions in different working environments in Inverness. Our successful track record is testament to our professionalism and high standards in providing the best facilities management services, so get in touch today.

Get in touch with Apardion and secure a trusted and reliable facilities management partner today

We have a team of specialist facilities management professionals and they are waiting to hear from you and respond to your building and security needs. We can deliver flexible, multi-service solutions tailored to your specific requirements, so get in touch today.  


Apardion provides bespoke Facilities Management services designed around your business needs; efficiently, reliably, and saving you money!

Legionella Risk Assessments

Apardion’s experienced risk assessors will identify potential hazards within the water system and identify cost effective corrective actions.

Gutter Cleaning

We control the flow of rainwater to protect your roof, walls, foundations and landscaped areas.

Fire Alarm Testing & Evacuation

A specially trained member of our staff will test a different point each week, keeping a detailed record of the tests both centrally and on your site.


Cleaning & Janitorial There are few jobs that everyone would miss, but cleaning is vital to every business. As your staff return to work we can assist with providing a bespoke cleaning service to fit your needs.

Health & Safety

We analyse all work activities and complete full risk assessments, which are accompanied by Toolbox Talks and staff training.


The team of receptionists at Apardion are exceptionally well turned out, professional, friendly and welcoming.

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A Reliable And Trusted Security Provider


Our security team will closely monitor your business: key holding, nightly lockup, someone to respond out of hours in the event of an alarm, overnight patrols, or a static guard.


Mobile Patrol

Apardion has long term experience of corporate, construction site and event guarding, working with clients to provide a bespoke service

Security Guarding

Our guards are supported by the latest GPS technology to track their patrols, giving peace of mind that the job is being done, and done properly.


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