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If you have a facilities management need in Glasgow, then Apardion will have the solution for you. Our team of building service and security service professionals have years of experience in delivering robust facilities management solutions across many different industries, so get in touch with our team today – call 01224 649000 or email

Our facilities management services in Glasgow

We are a multi-service resource and can deliver expert solutions where you need them and when you need them, be this on a short, medium or long term basis. Our specialist service is based around adaptability and professionalism; this means we can deliver high standards wherever challenges exist and have a long history of loyal and happy customers who have benefitted from our tailored service.

Our facilities management services in Glasgow are based around the two pillars of building services and security services. Our experience across many different industry sectors means we can quickly identify what you need to safeguard your business, and then we can implement a package of solutions to offer you peace of mind and a cohesive and efficient business operation.

How do we solve your facility management issues?

All our facilities management solutions are based around your specific needs and the only way we can solve them is by building a close working relationship with you. We start this by carrying out a full risk assessment of your operations in order to identify weak spots and vulnerabilities in your security systems, where obvious challenges exist in your facilities management and to understand what controls and procedures you have in place.

Our experience means we understand that we can’t walk in and disrupt your operations with brand new procedures and controls and expect it to work like magic. A major element of our implementation process is change management and enabling our resources to work cohesively alongside your existing team and their day-to-day operations. We achieve this by working with you and having clearly-defined lines of authority and responsibility that suit you and your people.

Our services in Glasgow

Building services in Glasgow

Managing your buildings encompasses a number of skills and different areas of knowledge. We have specialist expertise in areas of health & safety management, temperature control and building maintenance which we can use to design a bespoke package tailored to suit your needs. These areas include:

Where facilities management needs exist, we can provide resources to help, so call today on 01224 649000.

Security Services in Glasgow

Protecting your people, materials and buildings from the threat of theft, vandalism or nuisance is a 24/7 job. Wherever your business is located, security risks exist, and our expertise means we can identify these risks and provide suitable solutions, whether your business is:

  • A 24/7 operation
  • Is unmanned or vacant for long periods
  • One of multiple sites or
  • Has temporary site services needs or arrangements

We can design a package of solutions for you using our extensive and varied industry knowledge, and which can include:

Contact Apardion for professional facilities management services in Glasgow

Glasgow is the most populous city and has the largest economy in Scotland. It is also the largest port city in Scotland, but with a thriving cultural and sporting scene containing various Scottish institutions. Apardion is very proud of its Scottish heritage and retains its Scotland headquarters, which gives us a unique insight into the needs and challenges facing various Scottish industries. We believe this dedicated experience manifests itself in our many long-established relationships with key clients across the Scottish region.

At Apardion we believe in delivering robust, practical and cost-effective solutions which are specially adapted to your business. Our team are fully-accredited professionals who can work with you to design a package that works, maintains your legal compliance across the board and safeguards your business today and for a long and prosperous future, so contact our team today and we can start a fruitful working relationship for the benefit of your business.


Apardion provides bespoke Facilities Management services designed around your business needs; efficiently, reliably, and saving you money!

Legionella Risk Assessments

Apardion’s experienced risk assessors will identify potential hazards within the water system and identify cost effective corrective actions.

Gutter Cleaning

We control the flow of rainwater to protect your roof, walls, foundations and landscaped areas.

Fire Alarm Testing & Evacuation

A specially trained member of our staff will test a different point each week, keeping a detailed record of the tests both centrally and on your site.


Cleaning & Janitorial There are few jobs that everyone would miss, but cleaning is vital to every business. As your staff return to work we can assist with providing a bespoke cleaning service to fit your needs.

Health & Safety

We analyse all work activities and complete full risk assessments, which are accompanied by Toolbox Talks and staff training.


The team of receptionists at Apardion are exceptionally well turned out, professional, friendly and welcoming.

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A Reliable And Trusted Security Provider


Our security team will closely monitor your business: key holding, nightly lockup, someone to respond out of hours in the event of an alarm, overnight patrols, or a static guard.


Mobile Patrol

Apardion has long term experience of corporate, construction site and event guarding, working with clients to provide a bespoke service

Security Guarding

Our guards are supported by the latest GPS technology to track their patrols, giving peace of mind that the job is being done, and done properly.


You're in good hands, we're a company specialising in the provision of total security solutions for your business

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