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At Apardion, we can provide reliable electronic security systems for your business. We offer a variety of internal and external monitored CCTV services for your business premises. Our CCTV systems can be complemented by our other security services. This ensures your property receives the most thorough 24/7 security monitoring.

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CCTV Installation

If you think vandalism may be an issue for your property, then consider our Wireless Vandalism Resistant Cameras. These use an armoured wireless system to prevent vandals interfering with your electronic security system. This security system ensures maximum protection and can be monitored 24/7 by a mobile patrol service. If activated the cameras give audible warnings and send a beam of light at the perpetrator whilst sending real-time images to the monitoring station.

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Flexible security monitoring

We understand no two business premises’ are the same, which is why we carry out a thorough risk assessment on the internal and external areas of your property. Our flexible service enables us to efficiently monitor every area of your business without disrupting operations. Our hi-tech electronic security systems can be used to securely monitor business properties across any industry.


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