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Do you manage a warehouse and distribution operation? Then you know how vulnerable you are to safety and security issues, and how facilities management is a drain on your resources. So get in touch with Apardion today and we can help to manage your security and facilities and ensure you have an efficient and effective operation.

Why should you partner with Apardion for your security and facilities management?

At Apardion we have many years’ experience in providing reliable and professional security and facilities management services across many different industry sectors. Our knowledge and experience means we can now adapt our range of solutions quickly and effectively to ensure your operations are safeguarded and operate smoothly at all times.

We are based in Aberdeen but have resources ready and waiting across Scotland, so we can be responsive to your needs and reactive to ensure you have the security and safety cover you need 24/7. Our industry experience means we understand the demands on your time and resources, so let us provide trained and qualified personnel to ensure your operations are secure, efficient and compliant.

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Our security and facilities management solutions in Scotland

Wherever you are located in Scotland we can quickly adapt our services to provide robust and professional solutions. Our range of security and facilities management services include:

Adaptable and responsive resources across Scotland

We understand that running a warehouse and distribution operation means you have facilities which are left open and accessible for much of the day, that you have many different parties coming and going all day, and that you have product and materials you need to store safely and protect.

This requires a range of specialist security measures, but also means you need to manage the storage environment and protect employees too.

This adds up to a wide range of demands which Apardion can meet with attentive and tailored solutions.

We Provide The Best Service In The Industry


Contact Apardion for your security and facilities management needs in Scotland

Our services to you include carrying out a comprehensive risk assessment of your facility and operations to identify the risks that exist and the control measures that are required to manage them. We can put together a bespoke package of solutions designed to meet your individual needs, we can then deploy our own resources to implement and manage these solutions.

We have a track record of delivering robust and professional security and facilities management solutions across the warehouse and distribution sector, so contact Apardion today and let us be your 24/7 resource to safeguard your operations and ensure they run efficiently at all times.    


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