Portable Wireless Intruder Alarm System Now Available

Apardion are delighted to offer the latest in security innovations in the form of a self-contained wireless intruder alarm system.

The system involves no complex installation and is completely wireless. It does not require a phone line and can operate within a power source in the form of a standard socket or completely on batteries. It can take up to 16 sensors PIR and/or door contacts. On activation it will call your designated Keyholder and the Police if required.

Derek Neilson, Operations Manager states “This system is ideal as a temporary or permanent solution and although suitable in any building, it would particularly suit non-permanent structures or empty buildings due to it being 100% portable and simple to remove or adapt to a changing security environment.”

Apardion, working in partnership with the established security providers, will manage the installation and maintenance of this system, leaving you free to conduct your own business without worrying about any security concerns.

Portable Wireless Intruder Alarm System Now Available
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