CCTV Rental Systems Internal & External


CCTV Rental Systems Internal & External

CCTV Rental Systems

At Apardion, we can provide temporary CCTV security for commercial properties. Our rental systems can monitor internal and external areas of your premises. CCTV rentals are a cost-effective alternative to purchasing CCTV equipment.

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CCTV Rental Solutions

We can provide our electronic security systems on a number of contracts. Our CCTV systems are available permanently as well as temporarily. 

Should you only require CCTV monitoring over the short-term, you can rent our electronic systems. 

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CCTV for Rental

Our Solar Powered CCTV Towers commonly used to protect and monitor events, temporary construction sites and properties with short-term structures. Our 24/7 CCTV systems can work in conjunction with a mobile patrol service if you feel this would benefit your premises. Our security guards monitor and respond to any potential danger our HD CCTV cameras pick up.


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