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Waking Watch Fire Safety Service

Fire Watch services


Apardion’s Waking Watch service can provide reassuring and reliable fire watch for high rise buildings and other properties. Our waking watch service is available for temporary sites, as well as longer-term properties. Whether you’re experiencing technical difficulties with your fire alarm system, or your waters been turned off for renovation, our flexible and versatile waking watch service can ensure the fire safety of your building.

Alert & Vigilant Fire Safety Team

Our Waking Watch service consists of fire wardens, fire marshals and fire watchmen. Our experienced personnel are all fully qualified and well trained. Apardion’s fire watch services monitor buildings closely and act accordingly with evacuation procedures and the emergency services should any fire safety hazards occur.

Our Waking Watch Team have a duty of care to be alert and vigilant at all times. The Team take a pro-active approach to ensure the safety and welfare of your assets, residents, visitors and employees.

Thorough risk assessments are conducted prior to work commencing to ensure any issues are identified immediately. During internal and external patrols, any risky behaviours such as smoking in ‘no-smoking’ areas are addressed on-the-spot, with detailed reports recorded.

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Tailored Waking Watch Services

Our tailored service is available to a number of properties, including residential high-rise buildings and commercial units. Thorough risk assessments are carried out prior to work to ensure the safety of assets, residents, visitors and employees.

Following the tragic events at Grenfell Tower, we have committed to providing a comprehensive range of 24/7/365 Waking Watch Services across the UK. Our tailored services are available to a variety of premises.


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